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20-D10 Dyneema 10" Sleeves, White, Knit Cuff. Cut Resistant EN Cut Level 3.
SSI Part # 5-20D10
20-D10 Dyneema 10" Sleeves, White, Knit Cuff. Cut Resistant sleeves are made with 100% Dyneema. EN Cut Level 3. Sleeves made with Dyneema are ideal for food service applications. FEATURES: Seamless knit construction provides comfort, fit and dexterity. Special non-latex cuff dramatically reduces cuff blow-out, even after multiple launderings in bleach. Gloves and sleeves made with spun Dyneema offer unparalleled comfort and coolness while providing cut and abrasion resistance. White sleeves are single-ply, 10 gauge and have elastic on both ends for superior fit. PIP now offers the first gray sleeves made with Dyneema in the industry, great for hiding dirt. Gray sleeves are double-ply with nylon. APPLICATIONS: Ideal for food service applications, food processing, pulp and paper processing, plastic molding, glass and metal handling.
$5.42 EA
$5.00 EA for 24 or more
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